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Everybody has a favorite star, whether it’s a musician, athlete, actor, comedian, or political powerhouse. We love to attend their games, concerts, and shows.

We make NFTs that make engagement with your favorite star easy. Take a photo of you at a live event or doing something you would want signed by the celebrity.

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Instructions for a user:


Take a photo of you at a live event or doing something you would want signed by the celebrity.


Submit the photo to your favorite celebrity for a chance to win a personalized NFT photo


Receive your Selfie.Live NFT!

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Celebrity .

You didn’t become a celebrity without having a tight schedule and long hours. We understand this and want to make your life easy. Your fans want to engage with you and we are making it easy for them to get into crypto in a way that won’t make you look bad and will keep your image safe.

This is how a celebrity works with us:


Pick the number of autographs you are comfortable with signing.


We randomly pick and send you that amount of your fans photos.


From the comfort of your bus or jet you just sign your fans photos by using an iPad with an Apple pencil

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Investors .

Selfie.Live is an emerging company that enables people to get unique NFTs signed by stars. The NFT market in 2021 has surpassed the $40 bn threshold and keeps growing.

We enable people to get the unique photo cards from the concert or any other event hosted by top level stars in the NFT format, signed by actual celebrities without direct negotiations with the agent of the star.

Credit Suisse estimates the post-pandemic collectibles and memorabilia holdings to reach $1,2 trillion dollars in nominal value.

This pretty well unites the emerging NFT market with the market of collectibles, which is estimated by experts in the field to grow in the period from 2021 to 2028 to the level of.


Outreach to the stars is mostly provided by expensive for an average user services such as Cameo where the memorable shoutout from Tier 2 stars can be as high as $1000-1500 for a short shoutout.

The business side of the issue is that creators of Cameo-like services face a challenge constant negotiations with celebs and their agents, which dramatically reduces the revenue of the company due to specific conditions that the celebrity side lists, plus having to face mostly the retired or Tier 2 celebrities.

This makes it extremely difficult to get a signed card from any Tier 1 celebrity such as 50 Cent or Drake or Metallica.

A typical fan has to attend many events with the artist with a lame hope of receiving a photocard with an autograph, and at times it takes decades to get it done.

Selfie.Live does not go the path of long and useless negotiations with the talent or a celebrity, we partner with the event makers and organize a seamless process using the power of social media and the organizers of the show to make it happen.

It is as easy as scanning the QR code, entering using your Twitter handle and uploading a selfie from the event with a request to a certain celebrity.