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Selfie.live: where fans meet their stars

Everybody has a favorite star, whether it's a musician, athlete, actor, comedian, or political powerhouse. We love to attend their games, concerts, and events.

You take selfies and our stars make them into incredible memories. Post to social media, save to your personal album, or trade them through an NFT Exchange. Whatever you do, the experience is yours for a lifetime.

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Earn SFREWARD Tokens
The Selfie.Live SFREWARD token is earned when activities are performed. It is a fungible token and can be used to exchange for discounts, special access to events and more. In the future, you will also be able to trade SFREWARDs for the exchange listed SFLIVE token.*
*SFREWARDs will accumulate based on the association of the mobile app with your phone number on signup. Once you have set up a Web3 wallet to receive an NFT, we can start sending you the SFREWARD tokens earned. You may also get a text message when we begin the process of transferring earned tokens to your wallet. Sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date on the latest.
Fan Rewards
On Sign Up
Each photo submitted to a celebrity
Collecting first NFT into a wallet
Ambassador Rewards
Onboarding into Celebrity App
Signing a Photo From a new Fan**
Bonus for First 10 Unique Fans Signed Up
*SFREWARD tokens have no value except as used on the Selfie.Live platform and are not intended to be used on a DEX. Any use in that regard can lead to forfeiture of your SFREWARDS and account. SFREWARD tokens may be exchangeable for $SFLIVE tokens sometime in the future and depending on the local jurisdiction regulations.
**Referals are validated when you sign a photo via the Celebrity app.
Get SFLIVE Tokens
SFLIVE Tokens are tradeable tokens that will be on CEXs and DEXs once the token sales are complete. Sign up here for up to date information on the sale.
Exchange Rewards
Tokens for SFLIVE Tokens
Use Token with Liquid
Stake Tokens for
Donate Tokens
to Charity
Stake Tokens
for Governance
Celebrity. Fans. Nothing in between
The Selfie.Live Mission
For Yourself, For Your Family, For Your Friends
Give and You Shall Receive
Personalize An Experience that Matters
Tokens - It is About the Community
Anyone can earn rewards tokens, but buying in our early sales for SFLIVE is limited. Go to our Token Sale page for more information on the sale levels, tokenomics and other information.
*Points and Tokens may not be available in certain regions due to regulatory rules. We are constantly working to open up new markets based on regulatory guidance.
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The Art of Selfie Expression
Click Photo
Take a photo of you at a live event or doing something you would want signed by the celebrity.
Submit Photo
Submit the photo to your favorite celebrity for a chance to win a personalized NFT photo
Get Nft
Receive your Selfie.Live NFT!
Become an Ambassador and Multiply Your Rewards
Ambassadors are celebrities in their own  right. You can be part of the signing elite by having your friends sign up and send you a selfie to sign. It adds up to big bonuses in rewards tokens that may be later turned into SFLIVE tokens.
Find out how to be an Ambassador by filling out the Celebrity Connect form.

You didn’t become a celebrity without having a tight schedule and long hours. We understand this and want to make your life easy. Your fans want to engage with you and we are making it easy for them to get into crypto in a way that won’t make you look bad and will keep your image safe.

As a Celebrity, you can give signed selfies away to your fans for free or offer a paid version. Earn while you sign and make a fan's day!

This is how a celebrity works with us
Select Number
Pick the number of autographs you are comfortable with signing.
Choose Price
We give you a range. Contact us for custom pricing.
Receive Photos
Choose the price you want to charge to guarantee a signed selfie.
Sign & Relax
From the comfort of your bus or jet you just sign your fans photos by using an iPad or Android Tablet with a digital pencil
Our Icons
See a Selection of Our Stars and Selfies They Have Signed
Fan Moment
Captured the euphoria, shared the thrill, a fan moment video
Get in touch
Reach out, and let's create a universe of fans together!
Celebrities, let’s connect for your Fans
Contact us and we will show you how to drive fan engagement and make revenue that you can share with charities or capture for your own use
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