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Why Tokens?

Web3 is the spatial web where blockchain and decentralized systems allow for the movement of assetsĀ  that you control. Cryptographic tokens are used in many ways, including as fees for moving these assets from one digital location to another. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are used to represent ownership of specific assets. Selfie.Live is creating an extensive, inter-related ecosystem of creator tools, NFT trading, storage and usage of your assets. Our long term vision is that we are helping you manage your memories with an ability to pass these on forever.

The SFLIVE Token Sale
SFLIVE is our tradeable token and will be used primarily for rewarding users now and in the future. We are minting a lot - 87+ Billion - 10 for every person on the planet. Because you take selfies, and we want to reward everyone for doing so.
We are currently in the Private Sale Stage - Please contact us if you would like to join. Limited to accredited investors.
Seed Sale
Strategic Sale
Launchpad and IDO
Anyone, Anywhere
can Earn Rewards
The SFREWARD Token can be used on the platform or held for
exchange* to the SFLIVE Token
Download the Fan App and Earn 50 SFREWARDs Now.
SFREWARD is our points token. Users of the Selfie.Live platform earn the tokens by performing activities.
Download the App. Earn SFREWARDs. And look for more ways to grow your earnings!
*SFREWARD tokens have no value except as used on the Selfie.Live platform and are not intended to be used on a DEX. Any use in that regard can lead to forfeiture of your SFREWARDS and account. SFREWARD tokens may be exchangeable for $SFLIVE tokens sometime in the future and depending on the local jurisdiction regulations
Celebrity Tokens - Maybe meme, maybe not, but they are coming
Each celebrity will have a chance to get a token created. We will multiply their social media follower count for the amount minted. Stay tuned!
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